September 3, 2019 2:31 pm

2021 Conference

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We are so disappointed to announce that we need to re-schedule our NPE/NPE Action conference until next spring. The date will be announced soon.

We were hopeful this time. We thought that by early fall there would be a vaccine for all children. That looks to be delayed. Even when Delta began, we believed, as told, that breakthrough infections are rare. They are not. Every one in five infections in New Jersey, the only state that seems to be keeping track, sickens a vaccinated person. 20% is not rare. 

And so we realized that even with a vaccine mandate for attendees, we cannot protect you or the children and young students you might return to when the conference is done.

We ask for your patience once again. As public education advocates fighting the uphill battle to save and improve public schools, we look with hope to the spring of 2022. We will honor your tickets. If you canceled and were kind enough to donate your ticket, let us know, and we will make sure you get a free ticket to attend.