October 10, 2017 10:23 am

Write today. Go tomorrow. Stop “fast track” charter teacher certification.

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The SUNY Charter School Institute is one of two agencies in New York State that grants and oversees charter schools. Earlier this summer, the Institute proposed a change to regulations that would allow charter schools to self-certify teachers.

After you wrote in protest, the SUNY charter committee revised the standards by tweaking them. Those tweaks are a sham and an insult to every charter school student and professionally prepared teacher in NY State.

Time to write again. Go here​.

It is clear to us​ that this is an attempt to please Eva Moscowitz and other charter operators whose boards give generously to campaigns.  The Governor appointed all members of the SUNY charter committee.

The committee intends on hearing this item at their October meeting. The meeting will be on October 11th, at SUNY Global Center, 116 East 55th Street. The item is on the agenda for 10:00 am.

Send this email today. Click here.

Please plan to attend to make it clear to the committee that all children deserve a fully and professionally certified teacher. Thanks for all you do.