March 15, 2013 8:13 pm

We Will Stand Up to the Billionaires

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The organizers of the Network for Public Education are thrilled by the wonderful response from parents, teachers, students, and concerned citizens who have joined us as members and allies.

We received excellent press coverage, and the word of our existence is spreading across the nation.

We will help grassroots groups connect to other grassroots groups.

We will identify education bloggers across the nation.

We exist to amplify their message and to give them moral support.

In the coming months, we will provide information and research to help friends of public education support their community schools.

We expect to offer a variety of activities that call upon the talents of the many people who have volunteered their help.

Every member of our group is an unpaid volunteer. We have no paid staff.

Our website was created by volunteers. Our press release was written by volunteers.

Our members are real members who pay dues to join, not people duped into signing a phony petition drive for “great teachers.”

We will stand together with our friends and allies whenever and wherever public schools and their educators are threatened.

We will stand up to the billionaires who are trying to control and privatize our schools.

Thank you for joining with us.