February 29, 2024 1:59 pm

MT teachers union files pair of ‘school choice’ lawsuits

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Montana’s largest teachers union has filed two lawsuits against “school choice” measures in the state. Montana lawmakers passed House Bill 393 last year, creating Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs) that would allow parents to use public money to pay for kids’ private school tuition. Montana’s is a little different than similar ESAs around the country, in that it applies only to special education student tuition. Montana Federation of Public Employees President Amanda Curtis said funding the ESAs can’t help but affect public school students. “The voucher scheme will defund Montana’s public schools,” said Curtis, “which takes away the constitutional right of every Montana kid to a free, quality public education.” Curtis added that in order for a special education student to receive state money in an ESA, the family has to waive its right to federal special-ed benefits – which she contends also unconstitutional.

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