June 7, 2013 4:45 pm

Uncovering the Truth About Education Reform

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Webinar Available

This week, the Network for Public Education held our latest webinar, featuring two experts on finding out the truth about education reform. We heard from statistician and teacher Mercedes Schneider from Louisiana, and private investigator Michael Corwin of New Mexico. Mercedes shared how we can critically analyze the often flawed “research” being used to justify education reform. Michael described the nuts and bolts of getting information out of sometimes reluctant public officials. The session is about ninety minutes long, and the recording can be viewed here.

You may want to check to make sure you have the latest version of Java installed, and also that popups are not blocked.

Here is the link:


It takes about 30 seconds or a minute to get started.

Michael Corwin shares his research here: http://independentsourcepac.org/

Mercedes Shneider’s blog is Deutch29, and can be found here. http://deutsch29.wordpress.com/

Mercedes also contributed this: How to be a Data Detective, to the NPE Toolkit. http://npe.mayfirst.org/npe-tool-kit/how-to-be-a-data-detective-part-1/

Michael Corwin contributed two pieces to our toolkit: How to dig for information, http://npe.mayfirst.org/npe-tool-kit/how-to-dig-for-information-part-1/


How to Investigate the Actions of Public Officials. http://npe.mayfirst.org/npe-tool-kit/how-to-investigate-the-actions-of-public-officials/