September 21, 2023 6:37 pm

The Plot to Undermine Public Education

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We have chronicled how the charter school movement has lost its way for several years. From for-profit-run schools and abrupt closures to online schools that profit from student failure, charter schools must be reformed. Unfortunately, in many states, thanks to the charter lobby, laws and regulations are going from bad to worse. Read about the latest attempt to privatize charter schools further by charging tuition and giving enrollment privileges. Click here for the must-read story in The Progressive. 


Since the beginning of our movement, we have been relying on social media to let the public know that our democratically governed public schools are under attack. But social media is changing, and so must our skill set.

Jessica Piper and Rob Rogers are two advocates who effectively use new social media, including TikTok, to explain why we need strong, well-funded public schools and the dangers posed by the “school choice” movement. That is why we are so excited that they will attend our Tenth Anniversary Conference next month and run a special session on how to create effective messages that grab the public’s attention.



On September 11, the Network for Public Education and the Education Law Center hosted investigative reporter Nick Surgey of Documented, the investigative nonprofit that supplied the inside the room” conversations regarding the plot to undermine and ultimately destroy democratically governed neighborhood public schools and siphon funding to private schools and homeschools.

You can watch that riveting conversation by clicking here

And you can meet Nick and his team and view actual “in the room” footage at our Tenth Anniversary Conference in Washington, D.C., on October 28 and 29. Register here.