October 6, 2023 12:12 am

The Plot to Take Down Public Schools: Now Documented

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“This has been Mike Farris’s life’s work.” That is how Documented’s Nick Surgey describes the mission of a fringe right homeschooler who believes that public education is like “the Third Reich.”  Farris is leading the charge to destroy public schools.

Click here or on the image above and learn how the plot unfolding and gaining ground.

 Nick Surgey and his Documented team will present with Diane Ravitch at our Tenth Anniversary Conference, releasing footage about the plot to take down our public education system and turn it into “vouchers for all.”

This panel is one of 43 exciting sessions that will be happening at our Tenth Anniversary Conference next month. Time is running out. If you have not registered yet, please be sure to do so today.

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