January 21, 2019 6:55 pm

Tell Congress: I Choose Public Schools

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This week is National School Choice Week, a multi-million dollar campaign funded by right-wing groups like the Koch Brothers, The American Federation for Children, ALEC and the Walton Foundation. The endgame is to replace public education with privatized systems of schooling. Read what I have to say about School Choice Week and its billionaire funders here in the Washington Post. Here are two easy things that you can do.

1. Send a letter to your congressional representatives telling them that you support public education, not privatized education with vouchers, voucher-like tax credit schemes, charters and online schools. In just a few seconds you can send that letter by clicking here.

2. Go here to put the statement frame on the image below on your Facebook profile picture for the week.  

Here is the real choice we face.

Either we support public schools governed by our elected neighbors or we let state governments dole out tax dollars to parents to shop for schools.

We can’t have both.

Please do your part and get the message out this week. Thanks for all you do.