March 1, 2021 7:28 pm

Send your Email to the White House: Stop the Tests!

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Dear President Biden,

I am writing today to ask that you do everything in your power to reverse the February 22, 2021 guidance on testing waivers sent by Ian Rosenblum (USDE) to chief state school officers.

I join many, many other parents/guardians, students, educators, and concerned citizens who adamantly reject the idea that ESSA’s decree of annual standardized testing should stand in a year that has been anything but standard.

Forcing schools to administer the tests, which is the gist of Mr. Rosenblum’s guidance, undermines your administration’s call to support our students’ social-emotional and mental health in this time of crisis. Rosenblum’s offer of a “flexible” testing window would not mitigate the impacts of the tests. The tests must be canceled. Period.

In a good year, standardized, one-size-fits-all tests do little more than show us where resources are lacking and where affluence congregates. This year, the global pandemic illuminates these systemic inequities in broad relief. By releasing states from the mandate to implement the tests, you will enable teachers to draw on their expertise to assess their students and allow the funds attached to the tests to be redirected to services needed most immediately on the ground in communities now.

Why was Mr. Rosenblum allowed to issue guidance that runs contrary to the promises you made regarding standardized testing? It is not too late to pull back Mr. Rosenblum’s guidance.

Can I count on you to bring your influence to bear, so that happens?

Thank you.