The Plot to Undermine Public Education

The Network for Public Education and the Education Law Center hosted investigative reporter Nick Surgey of Documented, the investigative nonprofit that supplied the “inside the room” conversations regarding the plot to undermine and ultimately destroy democratically governed neighborhood public schools and siphon funding to private schools and homeschools.

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Culture wars in the classroom this year

The sensible backlash to nonsensical political maneuvers is growing, led by wonderful groups like the Network for Public Education. School choice is being exposed as, for the most part, a partisan, corporate scheme. The blatantly unconstitutional public support of religious schools will not stand in an increasingly non-religious society.

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One Question: What’s Behind the Politics of School Choice?

The simple answer is the destruction of our democratically governed public schools. The concept of “the money follows the child” plays nicely into the rightwing, libertarian goal of having families, not taxpayers, pay for K–12 education.