Grassroots Education Network- September 2023 Newsletter

The NPE Grassroots Education Network is a nationwide network of over 195 grassroots organizations that have joined together to preserve, promote, improve, and strengthen our public schools.

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Nikhil Goyal on the Ongoing Struggle for American Public Education

The reason I appreciated Nikhil Goyal’s new book, Live to See the Day, so much was that he refocused the national debate about how to improve schools. For the past three decades or more, we have heard from politicians, pundits, major philanthropists, and self-proclaimed reformers that the way to “fix” schools is to standardize the curriculum and tests, make tests harder, test more frequently, fire teachers and principals if schools don’t get higher test scores, and replace public schools with charter schools and vouchers.

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‘Schools Have Always Been the Site of Struggle’

The September 1, 2023, episode of CounterSpin was an archival show, featuring interviews with Alfie Kohn, Diane Ravitch and Kevin Kumashiro on education and media.