January 2, 2017 3:10 pm

Pennsylvania alert: Betsy De Vos

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The confirmation hearing for Betsy DeVos has been delayed until the 17th. There are several rumors regarding why, and we take the delay as a positive sign.

As you know, Senator Casey is a member of the HELP committee that will hold the hearing.

Where does he stand on DeVos? We are not sure.

We need your help. Call his office and ask, and then let us know where he stands. Senator Casey needs to know that you expect him to lead the fight against the DeVos appointment.

After you call, collect signed letters, and hand deliver them to a nearby office.

Below is the list of local office locations, and local numbers to call Senator Casey.

If you want a script for your call, you can find it here.

If you want a model letter you can find one here​. There is a letter you can download and easily personalize.

Just this morning, The New York Times  ran a scathing piece​ about Betsy DeVos.

And here is a link to a story in the Washington Post Answersheet that shows how privatization is slowly destroying public education in Pennsylvania.


This is what Betsy DeVos represents.

You can share this alert with friends and family in your state by posting this link: http://wp.me/p3bR9v-2aO

Pennsylvania Bob Casey

Philadelphia Office

2000 Market Street, Suite 610

Philadelphia, PA 19103

Phone: (215) 405-9660

Fax: (215) 405-9669

Northeastern PA Office

417 Lackawanna Avenue, Suite 303

Scranton, PA 18503

Phone: (570) 941-0930

Fax: (570) 941-0937

Erie Office

17 South Park Row, Suite B-150

Erie, PA 16501

Phone: (814) 874-5080

Fax: (814) 874-5084

Harrisburg Office

200 N Third St, Suite 14A

Harrisburg, PA 17101

Phone: (717) 231-7540

Toll Free: (866) 461-9159

Fax: (717) 231-7542

Pittsburgh Office

Grant Building

310 Grant Street, Suite 2415

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Phone: (412) 803-7370

Fax: (412) 803-7379

Central PA Office

817 E. Bishop Street, Suite C

Bellefonte, PA 16823

Phone: (814) 357-0314

Fax: (814) 357-0318

Lehigh Valley Office

840 Hamilton Street, Suite 301

Allentown, PA 18101

Phone: (610) 782-9470

Fax: (610) 782-9474

Thank you,

Carol Burris