June 27, 2023 10:58 am

Opinion: A ‘New Breed’ of Charter Schools Is Spreading Christian Nationalism — at Taxpayers’ Expense

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By Jeff Bryant

Charges that public schools are subjecting children to leftwing indoctrination are proving to be mostly over-hyped or not at all based in fact. Yet, there’s evidence, according to a new report, that a fast-growing sector of the charter school industry is engaged in indoctrination, only, in this case, the schools are instructing children in white, conservative ideology.

The report, “A Sharp Turn Right: A New Breed of Charter Schools Delivers the Conservative Agenda” by the Network for Public Education (NPE), finds that charter schools that market to families a “classical” or “traditional” approach to schooling are essentially catering to parents and politicians that follow “right-wing ideology.”

You can read Jeff Brynant’s piece in AlderNet here.