March 28, 2024 12:56 pm

NPE Testifies on Charter Schools: The House Committee on Education and the Workforce

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On March 6, 2024, NPE founding board member and scholar Julian Vasquez Heilig submitted testimony on the flaws and fallacies associated with the contemporary charter school movement. You can watch Julian’s testimony below.

In addition, NPE Executive Director Carol Burris prepared written testimony from the organization that summarized the history of the charter school movement from its bright beginnings to a troubled, privately managed system in need of comprehensive reform.

Read that submitted testimony by clicking on the image below.

In summary, the hearing revealed deep divisions between the Republican members of the committee, who gave uncritical support for charter schools and continually referred to public schools as “abysmal and “failing,” and Democrats, who expressed concerns regarding the lack of transparency and accountability in charter schools.

Republicans included three witnesses since they are the majority. Julian was the sole witness chosen by the Democrats.

The Network for Public Education is now a national leader in presenting the facts about charter schools and advocating for their reform.