April 6, 2017 2:14 pm

NPE releases our latest toolkit: School Privatization Explained

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The appointment of Betsy DeVos as US Secretary of Education has put our public school system in the crosshairs. We know her real agenda– the destruction of our public school system, which she referred to as “a dead end.” DeVos and her allies have worked for decades pushing charters, vouchers and neovouchers such as education tax credits and ESAs. DeVos even supports virtual charter schools that have a horrific track record when it comes to student success.

Unfortunately the general public is often confused by the misleading terms that privatizers use to mask their agenda. Terms like “choice”, “portability” and Empowerment Scholarship Accounts are an attempt to make religious school vouchers and other unpopular policies acceptable.

In response, The Network for Public Education has prepared a toolkit called School Privatization Explained. Each one page fact sheet is designed to correct  the misinformation that De Vos and others have used to push school privatization. From charter myths to ESAs, we pull off the masks.

You will find our 13 facts sheets here and an interactive map here that will let you see where your state lies on the road to school privatization.

Read, share, quote and even copy. They are designed for your use. Most of all, share the truth about school privatization far and wide. We cannot let the pillar of our democracy, our public schools, be destroyed.