June 18, 2015 11:54 am

NPE Forms Coalition of Education and Civil Rights Groups to Oppose High-Stakes Testing

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We, the below undersigned organizations, oppose high-stakes testing because we believe these tests are causing harm to students, to public schools, and to the cause of educational equity. High-stakes standardized tests, rather than reducing the opportunity gap, have been used to rank, sort, label, and punish Black and Latino students, and recent immigrants to this country.

We oppose high-stakes tests because:

There is no evidence that these tests contribute to the quality of education, have led to improved educational equity in funding or programs, or have helped close the “achievement gap.”

High-stakes testing has become intrusive in our schools, consuming huge amounts of time and resources, and narrowing instruction to focus on test preparation.

Many of these tests have never been independently validated or shown to be reliable and/or free from racial and ethnic bias.

High-stakes tests are being used as a political weapon to claim large numbers of students are failing, to close neighborhood public schools, and to fire teachers, all in the effort to disrupt and privatize the public education system.

The alleged benefit of annual testing as mandated by No Child Left Behind was to unveil the achievement gaps, and by doing so, close them. Yet after more than a decade of high-stakes testing this has not happened. Instead, thousands of predominantly poor and minority neighborhood schools —the anchors of communities— have been closed.

As the Seattle NAACP recently stated, “Using standardized tests to label Black people and immigrants as lesser—while systematically underfunding their schools—has a long and ugly history. It is true we need accountability measures, but that should start with politicians being accountable to fully funding education and ending the opportunity gap. …The use of high-stakes tests has become part of the problem, rather than a solution.”

We agree.

Yours sincerely,


Network for Public Education

50th No More

Action Now

Alaska NAACP

Alliance for Philadelphia’s Public Schools

Alliance for Quality Education

Arizona BATs

Badass Teachers Association

Better Georgia

Black Student Leadership Movement

Bronx Educators United for Justice

Caucus of Working Educators

California BATs

Change the Stakes

Chicago Teachers Union

Children Are More Than Test Scores

Citizens for Public Schools

Class Size Matters

Coalition for Justice in Education

Coalition to Defend Public Education

Community Alliance for Public Education

Community Voices for Education

Concerned Parents of Franklin County, Tennessee

Croton Advocates for Public Education

Defending the Early Years

Delaware PTA

Denver Alliance for Public Education

Denver Classroom Teachers Association

East Providence Parents Against PARCC

ECE PolicyWorks

Elizabeth Parents and Students Care

EmpowerEd Georgia


First Focus Campaign for Children

Florida BATs


Hispanic Justice Coalition

Indiana Coalition for Public Education

Indiana PTA

Indiana State Teachers Association

Joining Forces for Education

Journey for Justice Alliance

Kings Park Advocates For Education

Lorain County Parents Supporting our Children and Teachers

Ludlow Education Association

Mecklenburg ACTS

Metamorphosis Teaching Learning Communities

Minimize Testing Maximize Learning

Minneapolis Federation of Teachers

Momma Bears

Montclair Cares About Schools

More Than A Score

National Latino/a Education Research and Policy Project

NE Indiana Friends of Public Education

Neptune Beach Elementary PTA

Newark Parents Union

Newark Students Union

New York Collective of Radical Educators

NH Center for Integrated Curriculum

NJ Teacher Activist Group

North Country Alliance for Public Education

Northeast Ohio Friends of Public Education

Northwest Ohio Friends of Public Education

NY State Allies for Public Education

Ohio BATs

Opt Out Orlando

Opt Out St. Lucie

Oregon BATS

Oregon Save Our Schools

Oregon State NAACP

Parents Across America

Parents Across America-Roanoke Valley

Parents and Teachers for an Educated Community

Parents Unified for Local School Education

Port Washington Advocates for Public Education

Providence Students Union

Public Education Partners

Refuse of Cuyahoga County

Rethinking Schools

Save Michigan’s Public Schools

Save Our Schools March

Save Our Schools NJ

Scottsdale Parent Council

SE Mass & RI Coalition to Save Our Schools

Seattle King County NAACP

Seeking Equity and Excellence for Kids

Statewide Organizing for Community eMpowerment (SOCM)

Students United for Public Education

Sweetwater Education Association

Teachers 4 Social Justice

Teachers’ Inquiry Project

Teachers Voice Radio

Tennessee Against Common Core

Tennessee BATS

Tennesseans Reclaiming Educational Excellence

Texas Kids Can’t Wait

The Black & Latino Policy Institute

The Coalition for Better Education

The Opt Out Florida Network

The Plainedge Federation of Teachers

The Public Science Project at the Graduate Center, CUNY

Time Out From Testing

Traverse City Education Association

United Opt Out

United Opt Out Michigan

University of Northern Colorado Department of Hispanic Studies

Utah AFT Top of Utah Chapter

Utah BATs

Voices For Education


Washington BATs

Washington State NAACP

We Are Camden

Western North Carolina for Public Education

WV Against Common Core

Young Teachers Collective