May 30, 2024 7:27 am

New Report on Community Schools, the De Vos War on Public Education and More

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How Community Schools are Transforming Public Education

From the East Coast to the West, community schools are forging new bonds among families, schools, and community-based services to revitalize neighborhood public schools. Their mission is to promote the well-being of students and families and to make schools more responsive to the needs of those they serve.

Now, an exciting new report jointly published by In the Public Interest, the Network for Public Education, and The Future of Learning recounts the stories of some remarkable community schools and their impact.

Click on the image below to read how community schools transform our public schools and make a positive difference.

The De Angelis Rant Against Public Schools Makes the Agenda Clear: Destroy Public Education

Corey De Angelis works for Betsy De Vos’s American Federation for Children, which pays him to travel the country hawking ESA vouchers. He directs its PAC to destroy candidates who oppose vouchers.
De Angelis obsessively hates teacher unions, calls public schools “government schools,” believes that telling the truth is, at best, a suggestion, and has dubbed himself the “school choice evangelist.”
During a recent interview at the Heritage Foundation, De Angelis defined public schools like this: “failing unionized indoctrination centers that we call schools.” His contempt for public education was apparent from beginning to end. Here is a clip from that interview and our thoughts on his mission to destroy our public schools.

The Imminent Reality of Blatantly Religious Charter Schools 

Our 2023 report, A Sharp Turn Right, exposed the growing number of Christian nationalist charter schools. Since then, examples of charter schools blurring the lines between church and state have emerged in the press. NPE regularly receives complaints from parents and charter school teachers about their schools promoting religious beliefs.

In a recent op-ed in Ed Week, NEPC’s Kevin Welner discusses the implications of St. Isador, an online Catholic charter school created to test the limits of religious charter schools. Welner predicts it is likely that when the Supreme Court eventually hears the case, it will give a green light. Reflecting on past bi-partisan support of charter schools, Welner wisely observes, “that sense of regret that charters never lived up to their potential should not translate into a nostalgic defense of what charters have truly become.” He concludes it is time for public schools to find other solutions to challenges beyond charter schools. We agree.

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