December 18, 2017 12:00 pm

Learn more about the Michigan Network for Equity in Education (MNEE)

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The Michigan Network for Equity in Education (MNEE) is a grassroots education organization. MNEE advocates for equitable, democratic public education in the State of Michigan by building coalitions and sharing information and research.

Currently, MNEE is actively involved in advocating against proposed legislation that would eliminate the State Board of Education. In addition, MNEE is challenging the current third-grade reading proficiency law, which increases standardized testing, calls for unnecessary teacher remediation, and mandates punitive retention of Michigan’s most vulnerable students.

MNEE is also advocating for Right to Read policies and practices that focus reading instruction grounded in child development and not a school calendar; that prioritizes children with books in hand and not with tests; that prioritizes readers who can comprehend not just simply decode; and that supports professional educators as experts of our children’s literacy development.

In January 2018, the State of Michigan will release a first of its kind school funding adequacy study. MNEE plans to utilize the upcoming adequacy study to promote equitable school funding in Michigan and throughout the nation.

Presently, MNEE is collaborating with the Michigan #WeChoose campaign, which is a national coalition of grassroots organizers who work toward equity in education. This will encourage MNEE to foster generative relationships with other Michigan grassroots organizations who aim to cultivate democratic public education.