June 5, 2020 8:45 pm

June Newsletter: NPE Stands with Those Who Demand Racial Justice

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The Network for Public Education’s Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

These are the worst of times.

Police brutality in Minneapolis murdered George Floyd  who allegedly used a fake $20 bill. Petty crimes are adjudicated in a court of law. Police do not have the authority or right to use lethal force when confronting an unarmed person. After a long string of similar incidents where black people were unjustly murdered, the killing of George Floyd ignited protests across the nation.

We stand with those who protest.  Racism is America’s deepest, most intractable sin.

Racism is thriving. It will destroy our nation until we assure equal justice to every citizen, until we guarantee that everyone has the same rights and privileges, until we provide every man, woman, and child with decent health care, housing, education, protection under the law, and a decent standard of living.

We can’t eliminate racism entirely, but we can choose leaders who fight for freedom, justice, and a decent standard of living for all people. Unless we do so, our tattered democracy will not survive. We can’t let that happen. We must be willing and able to pursue genuine change, a social democracy in which every one of us is protected equally by the law and has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Diane Ravitch
NPE, President

Conversations with Diane

If you were unable to join us this week for Diane’s incredible conversation on racial justice and equity with the National Director of Journey for Justice, Jitu Brown, you can hear it here.

Next week, Diane’s guest will be public ed advocate and school board member, Amy Frogge. Diane and Amy will discuss the fight for better schools in Tennessee. Sign up to join us below.

Getting Back to School

Finally, please join us for a special seminar sponsored by In the Public Interest, the Nework for Public Education and other advocacy groups about online education. See the information below and sign up here.