July 19, 2023 11:43 am

In Fact or Fallacy: NPE Critiques Latest CREDO Report

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For years, CREDO, which is located in the pro-school choice Hoover Institution, has had access to comprehensive taxpayer-funded datasets unavailable to researchers beyond their organization.  While obscuring its relationship to Hoover, CREDO continues to produce reports that overstate practically insignificant and tiny differences that favor the charter sector, ones previously referred to as “meaningless” and “small” by CREDO itself.

Their third national study, which does not address the methodical flaws previously exposed by researchers, compounds error with lower comparative student match rates and a charter management organization study that is so fraught with mistakes that its analysis is meaningless.

Whose interests does CREDO really represent? The public or its funders? Or the interests of the right-wing Hoover Institution? 

 Read our report and find out.


Watch this short video for a quick overview of what we found out.