September 20, 2013 6:06 pm

Diane Ravitch Kicks Off Book Tour

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Photos courtesy of Great Public Schools Pittsburgh

On Tuesday, the much-anticipated Reign of Error made its way into the hands of readers around the country. After just two days, the book was ranked on Amazon’s top-sellers list as #1 in public policy and #52 overall.

To celebrate her book’s debut, Diane visited Pittsburgh, where she met with nearly 1,000 community members at Temple Sinai. Audience members included students, activists, politicians, and Pittsburgh superintendent Dr. Linda Lane.

So far, Diane’s book tour has included events in Illinois, New York, and Pennsylvania, and there are many more to come! You can see all updated information regarding the book tour here. If you are unable to hear Diane speak about the book, you can still join the conversation by tweeting your thoughts on the book with the tag #ReignOfError.