Chartered for Profit II: Pandemic Profiteering

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In this follow-up to our 2021 report, we again focus on the world of charter schools run for profit, a world both hidden and misunderstood. We focus on how for-profit operators expanded their reach and enrollment during the Pandemic years so that one in every five charter school students attends a school controlled by a for-profit corporation.

We pull back the veil on tactics and practices designed to reap as many public dollars as possible from charter schools while hiding behind laws designed to keep profit-making hidden from the public’s eyes.  We also explain in detail how both large and small for-profit companies evade state laws by using related entities and a nonprofit facade to reap maximum financial advantage. From sweetheart deals to sweeps contracts to real estate bonanzas, our report explains the inner workings of the world of charters that put profits, not children, first. 

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LittleSis map in the report

Arizona entrepreneur and charter school founder Raena Janes is the founder of Apex Schools, a for-profit EMO that manages nine schools that were also founded by Janes. The LittleSis map shows how not only Janes but also board members and employees of the schools have profited from contracts that include real estate, advertising, construction, transportation, and maintenance agreements. Since the 2010-11 school year, public documents show that Janes and her colleagues have extracted nearly $33 million taxpayer dollars from the charter schools.

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Apex Schools: Designed to Enrich