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10/28/2021 - Low test scores bring new scrutiny for Montgomery charter school

Low test scores bring new scrutiny for Montgomery charter school

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02/03/2020 - Alabama looks to shut down controversial charter school before it opens

Today’s vote by the Alabama Public Charter School Commission denied a request by Woodland Prep officials to extend the deadline to obtain a certificate of occupancy for the school. That denial opened the door for the Commission to begin revocation procedures.

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12/17/2019 - Opinion | Problems continue for Montgomery’s first charter school

As former LEAD Academy principal Nichole Ivey-Price prepares for another hearing in her ongoing wrongful termination lawsuit against the charter school, a number of current and former LEAD employees have told APR that the environment at the school remains one of near-chaos.

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11/25/2019 - Judge orders charter school principal back on the payroll

Ivey-Price filed suit against the school claiming that she was fired because she spoke to Alabama State Department of Education officials about wrongdoing occurring at LEAD. Her lawsuit made a number of startling claims — none more shocking than claims that LEAD administrators had sought to prevent learning disabled students from attending the charter school and also encouraged special needs students to transfer out of LEAD.

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11/01/2019 - Terminated LEAD principal Nicole Ivey sues charter school, citing 14 complaints

The suit claims LEAD’s objective is to “maximize school revenue and academic achievement by minimizing the presence of students with special needs.”

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10/01/2019 - ‘Craziness’: How Montgomery’s first charter school has devolved into chaos in less than six weeks

LEAD Academy, Montgomery’s first charter school, has been a chaotic mess since it opened less than six weeks ago.

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10/01/2019 - LEAD Academy principal: Charter school not in compliance with state laws

The former principal of Montgomery’s first charter school said she was let go after raising questions about whether the school was following state laws on charters.

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06/17/2019 - The failures of the Alabama Charter School Commission

The Alabama Charter School Commission is a mess.

And that might be an insult to messes.

Friday morning, the 10-member Commission, which has, apparently, full authority to approve or deny charter schools that suck millions of dollars from our already underfunded Alabama public schools, will meet with just four members in good standing.

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05/03/2019 - A telling story about a charter school controversy in a rural Alabama county

This is a story about a loud and rather unlikely controversy in a sleepy rural Alabama county over the establishment of a charter school.

While the specifics are unique to Washington County, the narrative is being repeated in states throughout the country.

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04/10/2019 - How a Washington County charter school failed at every step, and was approved anyway

Woodland Prep is a charter school horror story — and it hasn’t even been built yet.

Located in rural Washington County, Woodland Prep, which will open as a K-7 school this fall and add a grade level each year, is everything state leaders assured us could never happen under Alabama’s charter school laws.

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01/30/2019 - Why aren’t Montgomery’s charter schools following the rules?

There is a process in place to approve charter schools in Alabama.

And somehow, Montgomery continues to get charter schools approved without following it.

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