September 5, 2021

The Educator’s Room: Teachers Didn’t Sign Up For This

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The Educator’s Room is a blog amplifying the voices of many, many classroom teachers. In this latest post, a teacher struggles with trying to get a stack of papers graded.

That didn’t help.

I walked into the kitchen to grab a glass of water and clear my mind.

That didn’t help.

I even put on some meditation music to give me some inspiration to mark the papers.

That didn’t help.

Frustrated, I decided to go to bed and hopefully wake up early and knock out some grading.

That didn’t help.

Instead, I laid wide awake at 2 am when it finally hit me what was bothering me.

Teachers didn’t sign up for this.

Here in Georgia, we’re almost thirty days into the first days of school, and the one thing I know is that teachers didn’t sign up for this shell of a school year.

  • We didn’t sign up for waking up in the morning with fear in the pit of our stomach worried that I’ll slip up one time and be exposed to COVID-19.
  • We didn’t sign up for pulling up into our campuses and daily seeing protests of parents shouting at us about how masks are hindering their freedoms.
  • We didn’t sign up for the countless nasty emails from parents and community members threatening to pull their kids from our classes if we teach anything about social justice or the invisible “Boogeyman” Critical Race Theory.
  • We didn’t sign up for our School Superintendent refusing to order masks in the county where mobile morgues are now at our local hospitals.

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