March 5, 2021

Tennessee Supreme Court Again Rejects Implementation of Unconstitutional Voucher Program During Appeal

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Tennessee’s legislature passed a law in 2019 to establish education savings account, the neo-voucher program that is the focus of so much legislation this year. The law targeted two counties that didn’t even want it. But it has run into trouble since passage.

On February 22, the Tennessee Supreme Court denied a motion by pro-voucher groups to lift a lower court’s permanent injunction barring implementation of Tennessee’s 2019 “education savings account” voucher law. In May 2020, the Davidson County Chancery Court ruled the voucher law is unconstitutional because it violates the Home Rule provision of the Tennessee Constitution. In August 2020, the Tennessee Court of Appeals affirmed the Chancery Court’s decision. The case is now before the Tennessee Supreme Court.

Public Funds Public Schools has been following closely and here covers the most recent unsuccessful attempt to push back the court’s decision.

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