March 24, 2021

TC Weber: Who’s Zooming Who?

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TC Weber is a writer and activist who keeps a close eye on education policy in Tennessee. His latest post starts with a simple but important question:

Who’s in charge of education policy in Tennessee?

The answer is neither short nor simple, but it involves SCORE, TNTP, the Science of Reading, and Paul and Penny Schwinn. 

What I’ve shared here is just the tip of the iceberg. SCORE, TNTP, and other non-profits have been exerting an undue influence on Tennessee education policy for at least a decade. As unelected officials, they are free from disclosing where their money comes from or how they ply their trade. They implement education policy with little accountability to anybody but their funders. It’s the best of all worlds – lots of influence, little responsibility.

It’s a long post, complete with plenty of links and background, but shows the many twists and turns of the connections of the folks behind education policy in Tennessee. You can read the whole post here.

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