September 27, 2022

Stephen Dyer: 98 Percent of Ohio Charter School Graduates are Less Prepared for Post-Graduate World Than Students in Youngstown City Schools

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Stephen Dyer is here with some alarming news about students in Ohio’s far-reaching charter school system.

On a new measure called “Students in the 4-year Graduation Cohort who Completed a Pathway and are Prepared for College or Career Success”, only 9 percent of Ohio’s potential Charter School graduates met those qualifications. More than 36 percent of Ohio’s public school district students met those qualifications.

Of the 43 Ohio Charter Schools with enough students to count in this College and Career Readiness measure, 18 schools had zero — that’s right, not a single student —who qualified as college or career ready.

But aren’t some of Ohio’s public systems far worse? What about Youngstown, which had to be taken over by the state a few years ago?

More than 54 percent of Youngstown City School potential graduates are college or career ready. Only one Ohio Charter School — Dayton Early College Academy — has a higher rate.

But what about Dayton, the lowest-performing urban district in the state?

The lowest-performing major urban school district in Ohio — Dayton — only had 5.7 percent of its students qualify as career or college ready.

Not good.

But before all you pro-charter school/voucher people scream “School Choice, Now!”, an astonishing 2 out of every 3 potential Ohio Charter School graduates attend schools with worse post-graduate preparation measures than Dayton.

And because Dayton has always brought up the rear in Ohio, it has been a center of charter school activity for 25 years. Dayton has school choice, and the tide isn’t lifting any boats at all.

There’s more, and none of it is pretty. Read the full post here. 


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