July 30, 2023

Raymond L Weinmann Jr.: Privatizing education the problem, not the solution

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Raymond Weinmann wrote a letter to the Daily Times objecting to complaints about opposition to Pennsylvania’s proposed voucher bill. 

As an urban educator of over 30 years and accustomed to the punch coming from the right, I will not remain silent when there is a blatant disservice to the truth with respect to underfunded urban public school realities.

The truth is that privatization in the form of charter schools, and vouchers, are the problem and not the solution.

These schemes have and will further deprive underfunded districts of color, increasing the disparity between “good” schools and “failing” schools. We have already a generation of students who have been deprived of basic school essentials due in no small part to Republican officials in Harrisburg and wealthy politicos.


With MAGA extremists banging on the doors of our school districts, we might expect the worst has yet to come.

Unless we decide to provide robust, military-grade public school funding, you will continue to bemoan poverty and crime.

Read the full letter here. 


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