March 10, 2021

Northwest Missouri educators alarmed over voucher proposals

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Voucher madness has spread across the country, including the state of Missouri, which is joining the rush to provide both education savings accounts (super-vouchers for families) and tax credit scholarships (instead of paying your taxes, rich folks, donate money to support a private school). 

At, Mike Peterson talks to some actual educators in Missouri like superintendent Karma Coleman, and they are not excited.

“Sometimes, it’s hard to believe,” said Coleman, “but it almost feels like they’re built to attack public education, and for no other reason.”

Among other things, Coleman tells KMA News she questions the accountability for public funding shifted to private education. She also believes voucher programs for private institutions won’t improve the quality of education.

“When virtual schools for profit, private schools–who also make a profit–when they receive money, but they do not have the same accountability measures that are being placed on public school districts, I don’t understand how anybody could logically defend that,” she said, “and say that it will improve a student’s education. If we can’t meet the accountability standards in a public school that are already out there, then not having accountability standards, or the same accountability standards, is not going to improve anything.”

You can read the full article here.

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