July 24, 2022

Nancy Bailey: Students Need Teachers NOT Tutors! Who’s Pushing Tutors and Why?

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Tutors are the Next Big Thing. Nancy Bailey looks at why, and who’s cheering for them. Reposted with permission.

Reports of teacher shortages, or call it the Great Teacher Pushout, run rampant in states, a crisis this country has never seen before. But instead of working to improve conditions and lift the teaching profession, many groups are conspiring to replace teachers with tutors!

Tutors will complete the longtime goal of ending professional teachers and placing students on computers.

Please don’t argue that tutors are essential or that they support teachers. The teacher-to-tutor/tech transformation is about a concerted effort to remove teachers from the classroom. Little is being said about how to attract teachers.

Believing that students will be college and career-ready with a scattering of tutors and anyplace, anytime instruction is a huge loss for students.

Tutors will babysit students who work online. This goes along with the states reducing teacher qualifications.

Democrats Want Tutors

The Biden administration is promoting tutors. Education Week reported that his administration plans to work with the National Partnership for Student Success, including Americorps, towards this endeavor.

*See below for a long list of the groups this involves, and it will become apparent that tutors are the plan.

Is it any wonder that Americorps also supports Teach for America, providing them eligibility to receive federal funding for paying off student loans and covering some costs incurred while they earn their teaching certification?

In all these years, why hasn’t Americorps assisted individuals who choose teaching as a career from the start, those committed to professional teaching like Dr. Jill Biden?

Republicans Want Tutors

But don’t only blame the President and Democrats for the tutoring rush. Republicans are on board with this phenomenon as well.

When the President of Michigan’s ultra-conservative Hillsdale College, Dr. Larry Arnn, recently disparaged public school teachers, saying among other things that . . .you don’t have to be an expert to educate a child because basically anybody can do it, Tennessee’s Republican Governor sat by and said nothing.

Tennessee has awarded $27M to community partners (not directly to school districts) for tutoring, a plan that Chiefs for Change, former Republican Governor Jeb Bush’s program (also see their New Guidebook To Help Districts Launch High-Dosage Tutoring Programs), has enthusiastically endorsed and is pushing on school districts across the country. Tennessee’s education leader Penny Schwinn is originally from Teach for America.

And it’s Republican Governors across the country, like in Arizona, who are reducing the qualifications necessary for teachers to teach.

The goal has always been by both parties to make teachers look like failures, so they can be replaced by screens and nonstop data collection by those with a lesser, cheaper background. This is Privatization 101.

The list below of groups supporting tutors (with links) work with the National Partnership for Student Success

Notes About the Groups for Tutors

A few notes about the schooling business:

The Groups for Tutors

Check out the links by clicking the groups listed under the National Partnership for Student Success.

Maybe we can do little to stop this teacher-to-tutor/tech transformation, but at least teachers and parents will know who failed them. And when parents realize their students are unprepared for their futures, at least they’ll know who to blame.

The School Superintendents Association (AASA)


Afterschool Alliance 

All 4 Ed

America Achieves

America’s Promise Alliance

America’s Service Commission

American Association For Colleges of Teacher Preparation

American Federation of Teachers

America School Counselor Association


Attendance Works

Bay Area Community Resources

Big Brothers and Big Sisters

Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Breakthrough Collaborative

California Afterschool Network

Campfire Network

Campus Compact

City Year

College Possible

Communities in Schools

Connecticut Afterschool Network

Council of State Chiefs School Officers

Council of Great City Schools

COVID Collaborative

Cricket Together

Deans for Impact

Digital Promise

EdTech Evidence Exchange

Education Redesign Lab

Education Counsel

Johns Hopkins Everyone Graduates Center

Eye to Eye

Food Corps

Girls Inc.

Go Foundation

Horizons National

i Could Be

i Mentor


Jobs for the Future (JFF)

J-Pal North America at MIT


K.P. Catalysts

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University


Missouri Afterschool Network

National 4-H Council

National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) 

National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE)

National Center for Learning Disabilities

National College Attainment Network

National Education Association

National Education Equity Lab

National Student Support Accelerator

National Summer Learning Association

National Urban League

National Youth Leadership Council

Notre Dame Mission Volunteers

Partners for Rural Impact


Relay Graduate School of Education

Rural School and Community Trust

Saga Education

Serve Minnesota

Service Year Alliance

The Center for Black Educator Development

Turnaround for Children

Up2Us Sports

Voices for National Service

YMCA of the USA


CAA Foundation


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