May 6, 2021

Nancy Bailey: 25 Reasons Why You Should Appreciate Public School Teachers

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Nancy Bailey offers a list of reasons to be grateful for pub lic school teachers. Reposted with permission (but follow the link to see what folks added in the comments).

  1. Teachers in public school teach all children—they reject no one.
  2. Teachers choose teaching because of their subject and mostly because they like the students.
  3. Teachers don’t pick their careers for the money.
  4. Their teaching is free (well except for AP).
  5. Many teachers pay-out-of-pocket for materials.
  6. Teachers protect their students.
  7. Teachers support parents and can be a great back-up.
  8. Teachers encourage students to do their best.
  9. They take students on exciting field trips.
  10. Teachers create interesting lesson plans.
  11. They decorate their classrooms even in the poorest schools.
  12. Each teacher has a different and interesting personality.
  13. Teachers listen and help solve problems.
  14. Teachers correct students so they don’t make fools out of themselves.
  15. They make students laugh.
  16. Teachers help students plan for the future.
  17. They evaluate student work.
  18. Teachers study to understand how to be good teachers.
  19. Teachers give students paper and writing tools when they forget to bring their own.
  20. Teachers connect families to outside resources.
  21. Teachers keep teaching even when they feel bad.
  22. They teach students how to read, do math, and other subjects.
  23. Teachers believe in their students and advocate for them.
  24. They help students make good choices.
  25. Teachers struggle to do what’s right for students.

Teachers are having a rough time. Many in this country don’t like teachers and blame them for all the problems in the world. Teachers like to see students return to visit, or hear from them so they can see how they turned out. Help turn it around. Support your public school teachers.

Don’t forget it is teacher appreciation week. Tell your teachers thanks. That’s all they really want. And respect them all year round.

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