September 1, 2022

Michael Gottesman: The Radical Right’s New Target

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Michael Gottesman is a retire attorney who founded the Coalition for the Protection of Public Education. In a recent guest op-ed for the New Jersey Star-Ledger, he pointed to a new target for far right opponents of public education.

The same folks who cried wolf about critical race theory have moved on to bigger targets, which makes sense–it’s hard to keep focus on CRT as a major threat when so many parents see no signs of it in their local school. So Gottesman says they’ve moved to another target.

The same opposition players have now jumped on the DEI bus to try and vilify a training program for teachers. The Evangelical Right-wing “Center for Garden State Families” is already touring the state, plying the latest nonsense, cashing in on hatred and homophobia. But then again, I guess they have forgotten about Luke 6:31: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” It has a different meaning in this supposed religious organization’s playbook.

DEI programs are necessary programs to expand the reach and inclusion of public education education students.

DEI is a professional education program for teachers designed to enlighten teachers to avoid inherent biases and to sensitize them so they don’t succumb to biases in the classroom, like unintentionally treating students of color as less intelligent than white students.

DEI is also extended into the curriculum as a way of thinking and is designed to help students respect and transcend our differences. To understand that while we all experience the world differently, it is important to honor our shared humanity. One way this is accomplished is by including books in the curriculum that are representative of the diversity of our cultures.
“Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is a term used to describe programs and policies that encourage representation and participation of diverse groups of people, including people of different genders, races and ethnicities, abilities and disabilities, religions, cultures, ages, sexual orientations and people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, skills and expertise.
Why should such a program be objectionable? Yet here we are. Read the full op-ed here. 
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