April 24, 2021

Larry Lee: Collins’ Charter Bill Fails Again

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Larry Lee follows the education reform issues in Alabama. In his latest post, he brings an update on attempts by anti-public education legislators to send more tax dollars to charter schools.

We recently told you about Rep. Terri Collins and her attempt to get more money from local school systems for charter schools.  Several weeks ago Collins wanted to bring her bill up for a vote but a reading of the tea leaves indicated that it did not have enough support to pass.

So she tried again today (April 22) and once again crashed and burned.  Except this time she could not muster enough support to even bring the bill to the house for a full vote.

Because the legislature has yet to enact budgets they have to first pass a Budget Isolation Resolution to bring up a non-budget bill.  This is called a BIR.  The vote on Collins’ charter BIR was 60-36, so it failed.

At some point Collins, and her pro-charter allies, need to face reality and begin communicating with the education community.  However, for reasons I’ve never understood, some legislators believe that just because they went to school once upon a time they know all there is to know about running schools.  Which makes as much sense as me thinking that because I’ve had major surgery at UAB, I could operate on you.

For more information about how they reached this point, read his complete post.

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