May 6, 2021

Katherine Silveira: For this Teacher Appreciation Week, don’t just give mugs and candy. Give real support.

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Katherine Silveira is a parent and guest teacher in the Desert Sands Unified School District of California. This week she published a guest op-ed in the Desert Sun calling for more than just a pat on the back for teachers this week.

Teachers: We see you … but that is not enough. You do not need us patting you on the back. You need us there to support you. To give you resources you need. To fight for you.

Community members: If we see our education system as the pathway to success for our children, know it is the only safe place for some and recognize the miracles that take place within school walls … then we must act. Teachers are the heart of the system. Every day, they mentor, develop, teach and inspire our children. It is high time we recognize that with our voice and actions.

We need to be louder than the hate. We need to vote with our favorite teachers in mind. We need to come together to provide our schools with the resources they need.

If we continue on this path, the only thing greeting your child when they walk into the classroom will be an empty teacher’s desk.

Read the complete op-ed here.

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