November 21, 2023

Ja’han Jones: Moms for Liberty plays the blame game after its big election losses

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Think Moms for Liberty might be doing some reflection after their recent wave of losses in school board elections. Reporting for MSNBC, Ja’han Jones finds the Moms looking for someone to blame. Someone else.

But on the heels of its losses, Moms for Liberty seems to see fertile ground in Georgia, where the group just hosted a town hall. As The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported: “Moms for Liberty is relatively new to Georgia but trying to expand. The organization’s website lists five chapters in the state: Chattooga, Fulton, Gwinnett, Hall and Oconee counties.”

At Monday’s town hall in Atlanta, Moms for Liberty co-founder Tina Descovich claimed that her organization is merely focused on “parental rights.”

“All that other garbage you’re hearing in the news about us — they’re lies,” Descovich said.

Attacks on media and teachers unions were plentiful during the town hall. Rep. Mesha Mainor, the Democrat-turned-Republican who controversially switched her party affiliation during her term, took part and baselessly claimed that pressure from teachers unions was “the only reason” Democrats had voted against a conservative educational policy.

Another Republican lawmaker, state Sen. Greg Dolezal, accused the Journal-Constitution of fearmongering about conservatives’ educational assault, saying: “The AJC tells the story that ‘Oh, you just want to lock librarians in jail.’ No, I just don’t want my kids given pornography in school.”

Here, Dolezal was trotting out a right-wing line of attack that Joy dispelled on “The ReidOut” back in May.

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