February 3, 2022

Dan Heintz: Ohio’s EdChoice voucher program has failed

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In an op-ed for Cleveland.com, teacher Dan Heintz underlines the failure of Ohio’s voucher program.

Back in the 1950s, economist Milton Friedman departed from his area of expertise to dabble in the area of public education policy. Seventy years later, we now know that what resulted was far from the Nobel performance of his earlier career. In this case, it was closer to a Darwin Award.

Inspired by Friedman’s work, Ohio’s General Assembly brought forth the EdChoice voucher program. By introducing competition into the public education “marketplace,” Ohioans were promised EdChoice vouchers would improve our educational outcomes. Now, with just shy of a billion dollars spent, and our kindergarten-through-12th-grade achievement rank much diminished, the EdChoice program has proven to be an economic as well as an educational failure.

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