November 6, 2023

Clay Horning: Ryan Walters is so happy Donald Trump called him he can hardly contain himself

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Clay Horning is mostly a sports writer in Oklahoma, but he keeps his eyes on other shenanigans as well, including State Superintendent Ryan Walters, or as Horning calls him, “the gift that keeps on giving.”

Wednesday afternoon, from his vehicle, of course, because the guy won’t be caught dead at his state department of public education office, Walters decided to let everybody know just how excited he was to get a phone call from the man himself and join Donald Trump’s once-delayed reelection team, whatever that entails, and, yes, one has to wonder to what jails Walters might visit to receive his marching orders.

It’s not a surprise.

It’s actually quite predictable.

Nor, one presumes, can Walters do much damage in the role, for among the things he’s unlikely to ever do is change the mind of anybody not with him already.

Were he able to change minds, he would have wound up with more votes in the last election than at least one of lieutenant governor Matt Pinnell, attorney general Gentner Drummond, treasurer Todd Russ, labor commissioner Leslie Osborn, corporation commissioner Kim David, U.S. senator James Lankford or U.S. senator Markwayne Mullin, all Republicans who won statewide election.

Yet, he didn’t, each receiving at least 60,000 more statewide votes than he, including Osborn and Drummond, who netted 96,427 and 142,156 more votes.

So, whatever, he’s on Trump’s team.

Horning goes on to break down the Walters announcement line by line. You can read it all here. 

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