June 17, 2022

Carl J. Petersen: A Valedictorian Speaks Truth To Power

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Carl Petersen blogs from LA, where one high school speaker used his graduation speech to call out damage caused by school board members who back privatization.

Nick Melvoin for one abused his position and diverted district resources for his re-election campaign. A campaign which itself is funded not by us, the parents who have children in LAUSD schools, but by external multimillion and multibillion-dollar charter-based super PACs. He is not the man of the people; he is merely a puppet for those who put him into power. Look no further than in 2019 when he provided confidential information to the California Charter School Association, one of his many donors, while the district was being sued to prevent funds from being spent to make schools more accommodating for the disabled. So much for “putting kids first.”

See the full post (including a video of the speech) here.

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