August 15, 2013 12:38 pm

ALEC Protest Taking Place in Chicago Today

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alec-exposedLast week we published a piece about Expose ALEC, a growing movement of people who seek to uncover the truth about corporate corruption and mismanagement that is harming the lives of everyday people, as well as posing a threat to public education. Today, August 8th, is the long-awaited protest outside the ALEC Convention at the Palmer House in Chicago.

Yesterday, The Nation published a piece on the protesting, ‘ALEC Convention Met with Protests in Chicago.’ This is just one more example of how everyone can help in the effort to publicly expose the dangers that corporations and corporately-backed reformers pose to our society.

You can support Expose ALEC by visiting their website and continuing to tweet pictures and news from the protest with the tag #ALECexposed.