May 21, 2017 11:21 pm

The problems with 2017 national rankings of America’s high schools

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May 21


We may not know the origins of the universe or who placed the boulders of Stonehenge. The identity of Jack the Ripper eludes us, and whether or not Sasquatch exists remains subject to debate.

But rest easy — the superiority of charter high schools is now a settled question. Nina Rees, the president of the National Alliance for Charter Schools, and Howard Fuller of Marquette University present the proof in their Newsweek opinion piece, with the brassy title, “Proof Positive that Charter Schools are Better.”  It says:

“That’s it folks; the debate is over. Charter high schools are equal to or better than their traditional peers. That’s a fact.”

So where is the evidence to back that claim? The majority of studies comparing charter schools versus traditional public school indicate that overall achievement of charter schools is the same or worse than traditional public schools. Like public schools, charters vary in student outcomes.

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