July 13, 2016 8:00 am

Introducing NPE Grassroots Education Network

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Dear friend and ally in the fight to save public education,

We would like to invite you to participate in an exciting Network for Public Education (NPE) service initiative, called the NPE Grassroots Education Network. We believe that it is our obligation to better serve allied groups in the struggle to preserve, promote, improve and strengthen our public schools. We are reaching out to leaders of local, state and national organizations across the country in order to foster communications and connections among groups that share common interests and concerns.

Your participation in the NPE Grassroots Education Network will not only help your organization reach more people who care about your issues, but we are confident that it will also serve to strengthen the national movement to save our schools.

What does participating in the NPE Grassroots Education Network mean for your organization? First and foremost, this is a service initiative on the part of the Network for Public Education. If you participate you are fully autonomous; your group is not a member or chapter of NPE. We will not charge you and we are not receiving a financial benefit for creating this initiative. We want to help you amplify your voice and forge alliances as we fight together to strengthen and preserve our public schools.

Here’s what we will do to help:

  • We will feature all organizations on a special section of our NPE website, with links to their social media accounts, website, and contact information. This will allow activists and other like-minded groups in your area to find each other, communicate and collaborate.
  • We will provide communication tools — like Basecamp, a project management and collaboration website — for you to connect with other groups and share your successes and struggles. Projects will be organized by topics in which you have a common interest—such as high-stakes testing, school closings or the Common Core.
  • We will help you create petitions and letter writing campaigns for your organization in Action Network to bring attention to hot button issues in your town or state.
  • We will send selected petitions or letter writing campaigns for you out to our subscribers in your area.
  • We will offer webinars for organizations interested in learning to use Action Network, a low cost organizing tool that allows you to create your own action alerts and will also help you grow your organization’s reach. We will create additional webinars on topics of interest as well.
  • We will send a monthly newsletter to all members of the Grassroots Network in order to share the work you’re doing in your school district, in your state, or on the national level. Every group will then be able to learn from each other and find groups with whom they can make contact.
  • We will provide educational resources such as short films, documents and studies that will be classified by the topics you care about most.

All of the above is free of cost. We believe strongly that it is our duty to help others in the struggle that we share. To get all of these benefits, there are just a few things we’ll ask of you:

  • Fill out this form to provide us with the information we need to add your organization to our website.
  • Share the form with any other local, state or national organizations you think might be interested in NPE’s Grassroots Network.
  • Commit to actively sharing NPE’s Action Alerts, Feature Reports and Newsletters with your supporters. This allows us to share the good work we do with a wider audience.
  • Share your success stories and your struggles with us so we can feature your organization in our Grassroots newsletter.

And that’s it! Once we compile all of the information and go live with this new feature on our website we’ll be back in touch. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for all that you do. We hope to hear from you soon.


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Darcie Cimarusti                                                                                 Carol Burris

Grassroots Project Manager                                                         Executive Director

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