NPE Conference Scholarship Fund

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The 2nd Annual NPE Conference in Chicago is next month, and we are busy preparing another event to remember. You can view the photo archive of images from last year’s conference here or watch videos of conference panels here.

We all know that public education activists are a determined, dedicated group, but we also know that the big money tends to flow into the pockets of ed reformers, not public education activists.

That’s why we’ve set up the NPE Conference Scholarship Fund. We need your help to bring public ed activists, like the Newark Students Union, to Chicago. NSU recently made international headlines with their occupation of Newark Superintendent Cami Anderson’s office, and we want to help bring them, and other activists like them, to Chicago to share their stories.

Here’s how you can help.

We’ve created a gofundme page, where you can make a donation and share the link with your social networks. You can also make a donation using this Paypal link which is set up specifically for the NPE Conference Scholarship Fund. We appreciate any donation you can make to help bring these powerful voices to Chicago.

If you are considering attending the conference, there is still time to register. Just visit our Eventbrite page. We hope to see you in Chicago!